Vojagxo : the name of the band

One of the characteristics of Vojagxo is the taste for "hand-made" melodies on true instruments which vibrate, sound, breath, give their soul to the music. Vojagxo take the best of old and modern way of playing to make a simple and fine music, carefully arranged, like the skilledest craftsmen.

What is Vojagxo ?

In Esperanto " Vojagxo " is pronounced "Voyadjo", it is the story of a friendship between six musicians of Toulouse, a town in south of France known as "the pink city" due to the color of the buildings walls made of bricks of pink clay. Gathered by a common passion for the Latin music and the jazz, these " travelers of the South " forge a kind of " world-music " in a language of the world, marked with the spontaneity, with the exhilaration and the heat of the South. The band Vojagxo is characterized by the desire to put the art at the service of just causes such as the protection of the environment, the brotherhood and multi-culturalism thanks to the Esperanto, the international language.

What calls out at the first accents of the repertoire of Vojagxo is the energy and the enthusiasm of a very swaying style with communicative enjoyment. Sometimes relaxed and sensual, sometimes joyful and jubilant, the music distilled by Vojagxo lets show through the joie de vivre of these six musicians, happy to share their passion.

Vojagxo in Rangueil
Notre chanteuse Audrey

On rhythms drawing on the sources of Bossa nova, Samba, Salsa, Choro, Swing of the US South Coast Bands or Blues of the New Orléans clubs , with accents really oriented to the south, towards Brazil, Caribbean, Italy, Louisiana or Mississipi, which embark you for a journey to the other end of the earth, in the suburbs of Rio, São-Paulo or Belem, Cuba, Havana, Naples or New Orleans, Toulouse, Albi or Carcassone.

A relaxed route in a sun-kissed music, which incites to the friendship between "re-builders of worlds", around a glass of huge squeezed oranges "sin azucar, con gelo"